At The Boston Synagogue, we remain a supportive and involved community through all lifecycle events, and are here to share joy as well as sorrow. We respect people’s individual needs during these times and will work with you to provide personalized attention.

Please contact the office at 617-523-0453 or regarding lifecycle events, such as:

  • Brit/Baby Naming
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Wedding
  • Conversion
  • Bikur Cholim
  • Death and Mourning

We’re not a suburban bar mitzvah mill, but we have several bar and bat mitzvahs each year. We try to work with the families to make each experience special and as stress-free as possible.

Compared to large suburban shuls with highly routinized processes, our bnei mitzvot families have a wide range of choices that we are able to facilitate, including the tutor and the presiding rabbi.

We have also hosted adult bar and bat mitzvahs for people who never had bnei mitzvot when they were younger.

Our social hall is available for small and large kiddushes after services, as well as full lunches, dinners and other special celebrations. All food used at events in the Shul must come from a Shul-approved Kosher caterer. No one may bring in his or her own food/utensils (even if they keep a Kosher home). We have a suitably sized kitchen.

Usually, the bnei mitzvot are conducted during our Saturday morning services. If you have a preferred rabbi to conduct services, you may choose to hold bnei mitzvot on Saturday afternoons, Monday mornings or Thursday mornings, when Torah is read.

Shabbat use of the facilities must be consistent with Shabbat restrictions on use of electricity (i.e., no amplified music or photography).

For a more detailed set of bnei mitzvot procedures and requirements, please email us as soon as possible. It generally takes at least 8 months of tutoring to prepare a bar or bat mitzvah prior to the service (more depending on the level of Hebrew background), so you definitely should not leave things to the last minute!