Passover Seder

The Synagogue has been holding its annual first night community Seder once again. It is one of the few places in the Greater Boston area to do this. Most shuls hold second night only.

The Seder is led by our good friend Dr. David Fishman, tenured professor of Modern Jewish history at the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) in New York. People come back year after year and rave about the warm and welcoming experience, and superior quality and quantity of Kosher food as compared to other community Seders. Come share your melodies and traditions with friends old and new.

There is limited seating capacity and we regularly sell out weeks prior to the Seder. Please make reservations ASAP. Payment in advance is required, and preference is given to Boston Synagogue members. Once we sell out, we will take names for our waiting list.

All reservations are non-refundable (we make binding catering commitments based on reservations) and are not tax deductible. Please of inform us of any dietary restrictions at the time of your reservation.


Service Schedule

Monday, April 10th 6:30PM Passover Seder/Services Led by Dr. Fishman

Tuesday, April 11th 9:45AM Passover Services Led by Dr. Fishman

Tuesday, April 11th 6:30PM Passover Services Led by Dr. Fishman

Wednesday, April 12th 9:45AM Passover Services Led by Dr. Fishman

Sunday, April 16th 6:30PM  Passover Services

Monday, April 17th 9:45AM Passover Services Led by Talia Stein

Monday, April 17th 6:30PM Passover Services

Tuesday, April 18th 9:45AM Passover/Yizkor Memorial Services Led by Rabbi Klein


The Synagogue makes every effort to provide free Passover Seder parking. For more information, please email the office at

Monday, April 10th First Night Seder Reservations

Reservations are closed.