Judaism 101

This Judaism 101 course offered annually at the Boston Synagogue is designed for individuals & couples wishing to learn more about Judaism or who are considering becoming Jewish. Interfaith couples are encouraged to enroll together.

This new 26 online session learning opportunity is for those who want to better understand key elements of Judaism. It is taught at a college level

Classes meet on Zoom, Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 PM.

Now wherever you are, you can access this unique learning opportunity!


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“I wanted to reach out and say a big thank you for the Judaism 101 course – I am missing your weekly class already! I cannot express enough gratitude for the time and effort you have invested in teaching this course. Your dedication and knowledge have had a major impact on my understanding of Judaism”

– Student


The class is open to anyone, including:

Jews by birth who want to know more about Judaism than the often-rudimentary knowledge of Judaism that they learned as a child in Hebrew school and stopped studying when they turned 12 or 13.

Non-Jews and interfaith couples who want to learn more about Judaism or may be interested in conversion (for which this class fulfills a necessary requirement).


  • Jewish history & culture
  • Beliefs
  • Similarities/differences with other religions
  • Rituals & holidays
  • Laws of kashrut (kosher)
  • Lifecycle events & celebrations
  • Jewish denominations

Some readings will be suggested but are not mandatory. There is no homework

FYI: This course does NOT include:

Hebrew language lessons; Detailed teaching about the Jewish prayer liturgy

*Scholarships Available
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Judaism 101 Class