Judaism 101

This Judaism 101 course offered annually at the Boston Synagogue is designed for individuals & couples wishing to learn more about Judaism or who are considering becoming Jewish. Interfaith couples are encouraged to enroll together.

  • For Jews who want to expand their knowledge of Jewish history & practices, this class will substantially increase their grounding in the history & tenets of Judaism.
  • For non-Jews who are considering converting to Judaism, this class will prepare them to go before a rabbinical court (bet din) that will result in a private Jewish conversion.
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The curriculum covers Jewish history & culture; beliefs; the halachic (Jewish legal concepts) process; similarities/differences with Christianity/Islam & other religions; rituals & holidays; laws of kashrut (kosher); lifecycle events & celebrations, & more — in a warm & supportive environment.

This 26-session course will be held weekly over 7 to 8 months — with breaks for holidays. Each class runs approximately 1.5-2.0 hours — & possibly more, depending on the amount of discussion. The timing (weekday nights or weekends), will be based on what works for most class members.

Classes will be interactive discussions rather than one-way lectures. Some readings will be suggested, but are not mandatory.

No knowledge of Hebrew is required. For those who wish to learn Hebrew, the Synagogue plans an introduction to the Hebrew language sometime during the coming year, including basic vocabulary.

In parallel with but separate from Judaism 101, the Synagogue plans to hold a practical Jewish ritual class, focusing on Jewish prayers & how to daven (pray). 

We plan to begin the class in September shortly after Labor Day & before the Jewish holiday season begins

*Scholarships Available

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Judaism 101 Class