Boston Festival of New Jewish Music

BackRoom Boston Hosts:  Music Programs featuring Talented Jewish Musicians & Artists

They perform in the Boston Festival of New Jewish Music, also known as BFNJM.This Festival highlights the best in Jewish-influenced music by composers & performers who live right here in our own backyard. 

Artistic Director: Nat Seelen

This is a free monthly concert series presenting original music drawing from the Jewish cultural experience. Co-presented by JArts. All concerts will be performed live at the Boston Synagogue & live-streamed everywhere.

2023-2024 Schedule

BackRoom Boston is a 501(c)3 so donations (excluding goods & services) are tax deductible.

BackRoom Boston Concerts are FREE to attend. Suggested donation would be appreciated. Your contribution helps to compensate the leaders & keeps these musical events coming!!

We thank for their support & help keeping the music alive!

"Boston's most vibrant Jewish neighborhood"

-The Globe

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Check out Season 2: BackRoom Boston & Boston Festival of New Jewish Music

Video coming soon of Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Band!

Check out Ilene Stahl’s Klezperanto!

Video coming soon of
Fabiola Méndez!

Video coming soon of Opening Night Showcase!

Video coming soon of New Klezmer Dances Featuring the BFNJM All Stars Klezmer Band!

Video coming soon Yiddish Opera, Parody & Song with Matthew Shifrin!

Video coming soon of Mozambican Funk & Jazz with Albino Mbie!

Check out Music across the Mediterranean with Beth Bahia Cohen

Video coming soon of Derek David’s grand performance!

Check out Season 1: BackRoom Boston & Boston Festival of New Jewish Music

Check out Zach Mayer. He kicked off the first performance in the Boston Festival of New Jewish Music at Backroom Boston

Check out the past performance of Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh live at The Boston Synagogue!

Check out the most recent performance of Abigale Reisman! 

Video coming soon of Sephardic Jazz by Edmar & Tutti live at The Boston Synagogue!

Check out Sarah Aroeste’s Bake & Sing, with audience participation in baking Sephardic Ring Cookies to Ladino Music!

Check out Yoni’s debut of his latest album Fragments, which he wrote during his 2021 JArts/CJP Community Creative fellowship.

Check out Naftule’s Dreams Reunion Performance celebrating 25 years!

Check out Nat Seelen’s “The Wedding–Di Khassene” An experimental blend of Klezmer music & Jewish seniors love stories!

Check out Anthony Russell, the closing performance for Season 1 of the Boston Festival of New Jewish Music!