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The Joys of Music Come Alive at The Boston Synagogue

Reimagining. Creating. Re-Inventing and Re-experiencing

Music is fundamental to our common Jewish heritage & connections.  While some are spiritual Jews others find their identity through cultural experiences such as music – & The Boston Synagogue delivers!

BackRoom Boston is the downtown Boston hub for rising Jewish talent – & the creators of new Jewish cultural experiences.  It’s about music made by Jews, or in a Jewish style, or performed by Jews, or music with Jewish subject matter.  We have it all – & there’s more to come!

Experience the diversity of genres drawing from the rich Jewish cultural experience – ranging from New Jewish music, Klezmer/Roma, neo-Klezmer, Jewish folk-music, Yiddish, Ladino, Nigunnim, Israeli/Middle Eastern & other country influenced — to jazz, blues, popular and classic music — & from other genres that defy description. The beauty of this musical range is that they blend live performances with joy, hope, discovery, reflection & connection.

The Boston Synagogue is located in downtown, making it a convenient meeting point for local musicians – whether as a performer, composer, recording artist, or launching a new album. We are an incubator of sorts – nurturing young talent.

2023-2024 Concert Schedules at BackRoom Boston

boston festival of new jewish music

Wednesdays at 7:00PM

January 7th – Itay Dayan: Hoffman’s Farewell
February 21st – Levyosyn
March 13th – Boston Fidl Kapelye: The Modern Klezmer + Dance Party
April 17th – Zach Mayer: Electronic Jerusalem
May 22 – BFNJM Dance Party
June 26 – Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Band
west end lyric

Sundays at 3:00PM

November 19th at 3pm – The Card Game & The Coffee Cantata double bill

Dec. 17th at 4pm – Women of Tin-Pan-Alley, a fundraising cabaret performance with the women of West End Lyric

April 7th at 3pm – L’amico Fritz

May 5th at 3pm – Out of Darkness/ We Will Outlive Them… Letters to Rivka from Galicia double bill 

klezmer jam

Sundays at 4:00PM

October 15th 

November 12th

December 10th

NEW FORMAT: Each session will have a guest co-leader who will bring their own flavor of klezmer to the jam! 

Backroom Boston is a 501(c)3 so donations are tax deductible.

BackRoom Boston Concerts are FREE to attend. Suggested donation would be appreciated. Your contribution helps to compensate the leaders & keeps these musical events coming!!

Back Room Boston Events

We thank for their support & help keeping the music alive!

Music at the Boston Synagogue
Music at the Boston Synagogue
Nalitaf's Dream at The Boston Synagogue
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