High Holidays

The Difference-- Our services are Zoom hybrid

  • Services are hybrid; ie available on Zoom as well as in-person. 
  • While this began as a response to Covid, we have been finding that this has made our services & programs more
    accessible to people who have moved out of town  — like a woman  living in Mississippi!
  • To accommodate the more limited attention spans of Zoom participants, we have shortened our services accordingly

In 2020, we adapted our High Holiday services to meet the challenges of the COVID pandemic — creating a meaningful Jewish experience to come together as a community.

For those of you participating via Zoom, a mahzor will be made available electronically via screenshare. Alternatively, if you would like to borrow a physical mahzor, we will have them available (a $40 refundable deposit is required).

Like most shuls, fees for High Holiday tickets help maintain the synagogue on a year-round basis. We encourage people to become members. This includes a High Holiday ticket for single membership (two for family memberships).

Even if you just come for the High Holidays, your contribution goes a long way to support the Jewish community in downtown Boston. The additional cost over the seat-only price is only a few dollars a month.

Additional HH Seats: Members

HH Seats: YP/Student

HH Seats: Non-Members

Schedule: High Holiday 2022

Note: All times are approximate

Erev Rosh Hashanah.  Sunday, September 25th. 6:15 PM

Rosh Hashanah Day 1.  Monday, September 26th.

8:30 AM – Preliminary Prayers

9:45 AM – Morning Service

10:45 AM – Torah Service: Noah Weingarten.

11:15 AM – Speaker: Rabbi Navah Levine

11:00 AM – Holiday Kids Club: Jessica Bloch

11:30 AM – Musaf: Dr. David Fishman

5:30 PM – Tashlich

6:15 PM – Evening Service

Tashlich.  Monday, September 26th. 5:30 PM

Location: Charles River near Blossom St Bridge

Bring some bread to throw into the river. Watch the ducks gather.

We plan to do some shofar blowing as well!

Note: It will be in-person but not on Zoom.

Rosh Hashanah Day 2.  Tuesday, September 27th.

8:30 AM – Preliminary Prayers

9:45 AM – Morning Service

10:45 AM – Torah Service: Noah Weingarten

11:15 AM – Speaker: Dr. David Fishman

11:30 AM – Musaf, Dr. David Fishman

Erev Yom Kippur.  Tuesday, October 4th. 6:00 PM

Yom Kippur.   Wednesday, October 5th. 8:30 AM

8:30 AM – Preliminary Prayers

Morning Service, Shaharit

Torah Service


Holiday Kids Club: Jessica Bloch




Mincha/Maftir: Jonah


High Holidays at The Boston Synagogue
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